The Publish Button is not as scary as you think

It's been exactly a year since I started blogging and so I thought it would be good to reflect on my experience so far.

When I set out, I wanted a means to communicate my experience as a manager to anyone considering the move. I've continued to keep the primary focus of my articles to management and leadership, however there has been the odd time when I could have blogged about other areas. This is something I think I'll do in the future.

I haven't received alot of feedback on my articles but that's not surprising considering how little readership I have and how many posts I've made. I did however receive some great feedback at a business event from Karl, the presenter of a session on the leadership course I undertook last year. He complimented me on my post Capability versus Competence and said he regularly points people at it when explaining the differences.

The one problem I do find is that I start an entry, get caught up in something else and don't get back to it for ages. In some cases, it is then too late to be relevant.

The main thing I think I need to take away from all of this experience so far is that "the publish button isn't as scary as it looks" and I just need to publish those articles that end up in draft.

So my "new years" resolution is to publish more often.

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