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When Graffiti isn’t Graffiti

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In my lookout for new Graffiti Art I’ve come across a new trend, signs that look like Graffiti but in fact appear to be commissioned by the businesses nearby.

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Pedaling is easy compared to paddling

One of the features that drew us to the Hobie Tandem Island was the Mirage Drive. This unique propulsion system allows you to propel the kayak along using your legs instead of your arms.

In a recent article at Modern Kayak Fishing (formerly on the “8 myths about Hobie kayaks” Josh discussed a number of issues people raise with Hobie Kayaks, including the Mirage Drives. 

Myth 8: I Can’t do That” is to do with a belief by some people that they aren’t fit enough to use the Mirage Drive.

As Josh says;

Pedalling is a lot easier than paddaling, physically and technically.

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A Good Barista Makes All The Difference

The Coffee Roaster Sign

Brisbane has quite a few boutique coffee roasting companies and one of these, “The Coffee Roaster”, is next door to our office in West End.

When it first started to serve coffee last year I tried them. To be honest, it wasn’t great, and so I returned to my regular cafe for my daily caffeine hit. This year however I was enticed back when a couple of people from the office indicated that the coffee was vastly improved.

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Gas Stripping Tower

Gas Stripping Tower in West End

As you walk along the river bank near Davies Park in West End you come across a large metal tower. Reminiscent of a lighthouse, it sits in a small grassed area surrounded by large fig trees behind a high metal fence . But what is it?

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I don’t know, but I’ll find out

As a professional consultant or contractor your experience and skill in a particular set of technologies is one of the key reasons a company engages your services. However inevitably a question will occur that is outside of your knowledge. How you handle that question, in my opinion, defines a professional.

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