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Hobie Steering Knob

On our maiden voyage one of the problems we encountered was in the strong winds I had to constantly work the rudder control to keep us on course. As the rudder control is quite low in profile, I couldn’t get a good grip on it and after a while my hand started to get sore.

Hobie has a solution to this, it’s called the Hobie Steering Knob. This is a small round knob you screw into the already included nut in the rudder control. This gives you something more substantial to grip when controlling the rudder, especially in strong seas.

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Maiden Voyage

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The Maiden Voyage of the "Jinja Ninja" occurred on the 18th of February with a launch from Manly into Moreton Bay.

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Why a Hobie Tandem Island

At the end of 2011 Helen and I did the”Introduction to Sailing” course at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron at Manly. It was our first experience of sailing, and while a little challenging was ultimately a lot of fun. That said, we both agreed that we would never get into a Pacer ever again. The practicality of having to duck so low, while swapping sides during a tack or gybe to avoid the boom didn’t match with our idea of a relaxing sail.

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