Inserting content into TinyMCE

When developing a plugin for TinyMCE, you often need to insert content into the document. In most cases, this content is at the current cursor position, or selection. But what if you want to enter the content at the beginning or end of the document, irrelevant of the current cursor position?

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JRE Upgrade kills Accessibility Bridge

We are currently doing an Accessibility audit of our Java Applet EditLive! prior to a new release. To do this, we are using

The test platform is Windows XP running JRE6u7 with Java Accessibility Bridge 2.0.1 and JAWS 10.0.1139 installed.

When JAWS was activated after installing the Bridge, the screen reader output the details as I navigated around the Java Applet. So it read the menu names, dialog fields, the keys entered while typing etc.

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Power to the Author

In the video from Sun that was posted on Atlassian's blog recently the following comment, that to me is the real power of wikis, was made.

"Publishing now belongs to the community"

I completely agree. The problem I see however is that the content authored, while mostly aimed for publishing on the web, is authored or stored as "Wiki Text". Like Doug, I'm amazed that wiki markup is not seen as "arcane" in the same way as the original layout languages.

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Getting Dirty with AJAX

This week I've been delving into the actual technicalities of implementing some AJAX goodies with a view to both understanding the limitations and advantages of them.

In my lead-up reading, everything pointed to using an established framework, so I chose as a starting point. After an hour of playing I had lost all my awe of the drag-n-drop and roll-up type effects I had seen. With a good framework these become so simple. The challenge then, is to use the effects wisely 🙂

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Cutting through the Hype

I've just finished reading part 1 of an article, "Considering Ajax", by Chris Laffra from IBM and it made me consider what the role of engineering in business is outside of just development.

The underlying technology of AJAX has been around for a while, but what's interesting is the amount of buzz surrounding it now. The danger with this sort of buzz is both engineers and business people alike can get caught up in it and make decisions based on the hype, instead of what is the right solution to a clients problem.

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