Sailing our Hobie Tandem Island

Pedaling is easy compared to paddling

One of the features that drew us to the Hobie Tandem Island was the Mirage Drive. This unique propulsion system allows you to propel the kayak along using your legs instead of your arms.

In a recent article at Modern Kayak Fishing (formerly on the “8 myths about Hobie kayaks” Josh discussed a number of issues people raise with Hobie Kayaks, including the Mirage Drives. 

Myth 8: I Can’t do That” is to do with a belief by some people that they aren’t fit enough to use the Mirage Drive.

As Josh says;

Pedalling is a lot easier than paddaling, physically and technically.

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Ninja Kitty

When we decided to make the “Jinja Ninja” official with a decal, the plan was always to include some graphic image. As the name was based on our ginger cat, the obvious image was a Ninja Cat.

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Hobie Steering Knob

On our maiden voyage one of the problems we encountered was in the strong winds I had to constantly work the rudder control to keep us on course. As the rudder control is quite low in profile, I couldn’t get a good grip on it and after a while my hand started to get sore.

Hobie has a solution to this, it’s called the Hobie Steering Knob. This is a small round knob you screw into the already included nut in the rudder control. This gives you something more substantial to grip when controlling the rudder, especially in strong seas.

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What’s in a Name

When we got the TI we started thinking about what we would name her and pretty soon the “Jinja Ninja” stuck. So of course, we had to make it official with a decal from

But why the Jinja Ninja?

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Maiden Voyage

This gallery contains 9 photos.

The Maiden Voyage of the "Jinja Ninja" occurred on the 18th of February with a launch from Manly into Moreton Bay.

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