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Personal Connections

Ephox is 10 years old and to celebrate we flew everyone in from our US and UK offices to where it all began … Brisbane.

The celebrations kicked off with a party on Thursday followed by a weekend away at the Hyatt Coolum for employee’s and their partners.

While the weekend away did provide an opportunity to talk shop, it was the personal conversations that I feel pay the biggest dividend.

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Calling All Graduates

Despite the GFC (global financial crisis) Ephox is continuing to grow. We were recently honored with a FastPrivate 2009 award for increasing revenues by almost 230% in the last year.

This means the R&D team in Brisbane, Australia is expanding. We are currently looking for outstanding Java developers who are graduating soon to join the team.

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Coffee for Productivity

About 3 years ago Ephox invested in a coffee machine to celebrate a successful deal that the engineering team had worked had to help close. Not just any coffee machine mind you, something that freshly grinds the beans, brews the coffee and allows you to froth the milk.

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The Interview Process

Many people forget that the recruitment process is a two way street. While the employer is evaluating the candidate, the candidate is equally evaluating the company, position and management.

While the Weekend Australian article, “What Interviews foretell” by Karalyn Brown focussed primarily on the interview process from the candidate perspective, there were some good points for employers.

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In-office Massage

In my post on retention the other day I mentioned we were planning to trial monthly neck and shoulder massages in the Brisbane office. Well today we had our first ones. 

The masseur arrived with their own special chair and relaxing music and setup in our boardroom. We each had a 15min massage and the general consensus was a big thumbs up. So we shall continue these as part of our overall health & well-being initiative.