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Retention, it’s more than money

The IT sector is heating back up again, and as such, salaries (at least in Australia) are increasing. With this increase however comes the challenge of retention of good staff. Most people see this as having to pay higher and higher salaries but I believe there are other options.

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Low Cost Training

So you’ve got talented people and as we all know, you need to invest in maintaining those skills. While there are a lot of ways you can do this, some of which are quite expensive, sometimes the little things have the biggest impact.

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Product Releases and 20% Time

At Ephox we introduced the concept of Creative Coding Afternoons (or CCA) back in 2006 based loosely on the Atlassian and Jotspot Hackathons. Occuring Friday afternoon every 2 weeks, the original idea was to develop plugins for our editor based on the public APIs. Essentially do things that our clients could do. The best of these were posted on our LiveWorks! site as freely downloadable components.

Our CCAs are evolving into more advanced research that resemble 20% time, with projects spanning many CCAs. So when Atlassian announced it was going to emulate the Google’s 20% time model I was keen to see how it worked out for them.

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Ephox is growing

With Ephox’s recent sales growth we are expanding the R&D team and are currently looking for two outstanding Java developers to join the team in our Brisbane office.

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The Coffee Interview

As part of our interview process for new engineers at Ephox the final stage is the Coffee Interview.

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