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The difference supportive colleagues can make

On the 1st of February my mother lost her battle with cancer. For nearly 2 years my family has lived with the knowledge this day would come, but it is still hard when it does.

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Ephox Talking Car

No, the Ephox Talking Car isn't some new form of Kitt from Knight Rider … showing my age there. The Talking Car is a token we are using during our stand-ups to not only indicate who's turn it is to speak, but to remind the speaker of what the 3 main points to discuss are.

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Keeping Secrets

When we started having more people blogging, the first thing I did was create a blogging policy. I looked at a number of published policies from big and small companies to come up with the guidelines for Ephox. Basically it's all common sense, but a Blog Policy is a great way to ensure everyone is aware of the potential issues of blogging.

Adrian's recent post on EditLive! Dynamic being outed raised the question of how many points in our Blogging Policy were affected.

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XP Practice Champions

Ephox adopted eXtreme Programming (XP) at the beginning of 2006 when Doug joined the team. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement we have XP Adoption Reviews every few months. The aim of these is to review the XP practices with a view to rating our success with adoption of them. From this we choose 3 to focus on for the next few months.

In our first review, we identified Test Driven Development (TDD), Daily Stand-ups and Iteration Demos as the practices we would get the most value by focussing on.

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Power to the Author

In the video from Sun that was posted on Atlassian's blog recently the following comment, that to me is the real power of wikis, was made.

"Publishing now belongs to the community"

I completely agree. The problem I see however is that the content authored, while mostly aimed for publishing on the web, is authored or stored as "Wiki Text". Like Doug, I'm amazed that wiki markup is not seen as "arcane" in the same way as the original layout languages.

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