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Ephox adopted eXtreme Programming (XP) at the beginning of 2006 when Doug joined the team. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement we have XP Adoption Reviews every few months. The aim of these is to review the XP practices with a view to rating our success with adoption of them. From this we choose 3 to focus on for the next few months.

In our first review, we identified Test Driven Development (TDD), Daily Stand-ups and Iteration Demos as the practices we would get the most value by focussing on.

To inject some fun into our practice focus, we introduced the "Talking Car"1 for Stand-ups. For TDD one member of each team volunteered to be the TDD representative for the week, during the weekly retrospective. Their job was to remind the team during the stand-up that we were focussed on TDD. Finally, we made it the responsibility of the "client" to hold Iteration Demos to the business.

In our most recent XP review we have identified Root Cause Analysis, Planning Game and Weekly Iterations as the practices to focus on. We will continue to work on improving the previously identified practices, but we felt that as a team, we would gain the most value through the new practices.

The question is, how do we remind the team of our commitment to improving these practices?

Atlassian recently posted about their Agile Process and one thing they mentioned caught my attention. Chris explained that they "have practice champions for many of the more challenging practices".

I'm really interested in how we could use Practice Champions to help focus on and improve the 3 practices we have chosen. I'm hoping these champions can bring some fun and energy to the adoption process and galvanize the team behind improving some fundamental XP practices.

1 – I'll explain the "talking car" in a future post.

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