Keeping Secrets

When we started having more people blogging, the first thing I did was create a blogging policy. I looked at a number of published policies from big and small companies to come up with the guidelines for Ephox. Basically it's all common sense, but a Blog Policy is a great way to ensure everyone is aware of the potential issues of blogging.

Adrian's recent post on EditLive! Dynamic being outed raised the question of how many points in our Blogging Policy were affected.

Point number 2, "Keep Secrets" seems to be the first one. The super secret project "EditLive! Dynamic" is discussed, albeit in no detail. (Bit hard when there isn't any)

Point number 3, "If in doubt, Ask" I know never happened as I'm still waiting for the "ask" part of the policy.

Finally, point number 7, "Think about the consequences" is the only one I'm sure he did follow as I'm sure Adrian was definitely aware of the consequences of his "tongue in cheek" post. He is "Chief Blogging Officer" after all 🙂

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