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To Fail Fast, you need to know when to Fail

One of the basic principles of XP is to provide value. To achieve this ,you do the stories first that bring the most value. Now if those stories are risky or big, then you want to fail fast and move on. However in software development, most things are possible…it's just a matter of time. So how do you fail?

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XP Practice Champions

Ephox adopted eXtreme Programming (XP) at the beginning of 2006 when Doug joined the team. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement we have XP Adoption Reviews every few months. The aim of these is to review the XP practices with a view to rating our success with adoption of them. From this we choose 3 to focus on for the next few months.

In our first review, we identified Test Driven Development (TDD), Daily Stand-ups and Iteration Demos as the practices we would get the most value by focussing on.

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Retrospective Deltas

I was recently reading a post on InfoQ, "Frequent Retrospectives Accelerate Learning and Improvement". As it's title suggests, the key messages in the article is about having frequent retrospectives to aid in the learning and improvement process.

When we adopted XP (eXtreme Programming) we undertook to have a retrospective at the beginning of each development iteration, preceding the planning game. With weekly iterations, we have a chance to reflect on the previous weeks pluses and to formulate some changes/improvements (deltas) identified from the week.

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