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Grey is the real Crime

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I found this collection of graffiti just off Vulture Street in West End recently.

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A change of graffiti

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Last year I posted about how I felt that Graffiti can add character to a building and even become a way of recognising the business within even if it’s not directly related to it.

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Can Graffiti add character in a good way?

In a previous post I talked about the "art" of Graffiti so when I came across this piece in my recent wanderings, I had to share it.

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The “Art” of Graffiti

When I lived in Melbourne and worked in some of the inner suburbs I often saw some amazing graffiti. Some of it I’d classify as Art. Now I differentiate this type of graffiti from the simplistic "tagging" where the person sprays a basic signature multiple times in an area, sometimes over the top of much better work.

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