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I don’t know, but I’ll find out

As a professional consultant or contractor your experience and skill in a particular set of technologies is one of the key reasons a company engages your services. However inevitably a question will occur that is outside of your knowledge. How you handle that question, in my opinion, defines a professional.

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Capability versus Competence revisited

Back in 2007 I published a post about "Capability versus Competence" in which I espoused the virtue of Capability over Competence in IT and the difficulty in measuring it during recruitment but the value it can provide.

I recently had a comment on my original post. In it the author indicated that "Competence" in their opinion was far better.

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Leadership Course – “Leaders Breakfast”

In the final session of the ACS "Growing Team Leaders" course I started back in May was held last week, we attended a breakfast with some guest presenters giving insight into leadership. We heard from

  • Peter Grant, CIO of Queensland Health
  • Anne-Marie Birkill, CEO of ILAB
  • John Puttick, Chairman of GBST Holdings

As seen in so many other parts of this series, the common theme was the value of people and of course how to inspire them to greatness.

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Leadership Course – “Public Speaking”

Continuing the "Growing Team Leaders" course, last week Greg Stockwell of Public Speaking Australia presented "Public Speaking and Presentation Skills".

Unlike the previous sessions, this session was presented as a series of exercises where Greg introduced a few simple techniques for dealing with the obvious nerves of speaking. Interestingly when you hear people say they don't get nervous when speaking, this can sometimes mean they are overconfident. This overconfidence comes across to the audience as disingenuous.

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Capability versus Competence

During the recent session of my leadership course the presenter (Karl) raised an interesting point regarding the under-recognition of Capability compared to Competence.

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