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Leadership Course – “Leading IT Projects”

In the second session of the "Growing Team Leaders" course, Karl Buderus from Success Solutions presented "Leading IT Projects".

Karl started out stating that "Leading Projects" is different to "Managing Projects". Project management involves activities like planning, budgeting, organising, controlling and problem solving while leadership is about vision, alignment of people, motivation and inspiration. So, where management is a Science, leadership is more of an Art and involves enabling, empowering and supporting the team.

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Leadership Course – “What is a Leader”

ACS recently started a new course entitled "Growing Team Leaders" that I feel might compliment my management reading and learning. This post is the first in a series associated with the course.

The first session, "What is a Leader", presented by John Ware of Dale Carnegie Training was on this month. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of skills I was already aware of and am doing as part of my role. There were however a few points that I can continue to work on. One I particularly liked was "Micro manager yourself, macro manage your team". What this essentially means is manage your own time and tasks in detail and provide guidance to your people, trusting them to do their job.

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