The difference supportive colleagues can make

On the 1st of February my mother lost her battle with cancer. For nearly 2 years my family has lived with the knowledge this day would come, but it is still hard when it does.

The support I have received in the last 2 years from all the people at Ephox has been amazing. This was especially noticeable in the week leading up to and after her passing. No questions were asked when I pulled out of my recent trip to the US half-way through to rush home to spend the last week I could with mum. I knew that, like when mum was first diagnosed, I didn't have to worry about anything while away. The guys in the Brisbane office got on with doing what they do best and the executive team deferred non-critical things until I got back. I also received emails of support and condolences from everyone from the engineers I work with through to the CEO and head of the Board.

It's this kind of support that can make all the difference in situations like this. So to everyone in Ephox I'd like to say thank you. Your understanding during all of this has been greatly appreciated by my family and I.

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