Coffee for Productivity

About 3 years ago Ephox invested in a coffee machine to celebrate a successful deal that the engineering team had worked had to help close. Not just any coffee machine mind you, something that freshly grinds the beans, brews the coffee and allows you to froth the milk.

For various reasons, most of which have now been forgotten, the coffee machine ended up being named Fabio.

Recently we had some problems with Fabio and it went in for some repairs. When picked up today we found out that Fabio has made over 10,600 coffees.

So how has a coffee machine aided in productivity? With Fabio out of action this week, it was obvious how having to go out and get coffee changes the flow of work.

With a coffee machine in the office, individual members of team regularly go get coffee when they want it. With the need to go to a local coffee shop however, people tend to all go at the same time.

So next time anyone asks what can best aid the productivity of an engineering team consider a coffee machine in house.

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