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Ninja Kitty

When we decided to make the “Jinja Ninja” official with a decal, the plan was always to include some graphic image. As the name was based on our ginger cat, the obvious image was a Ninja Cat.

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Used Ferraris and Gold Bullion Accepted

Elio's Lasagne

We recently promised a friend of ours the best lasagne in the world. When we finally took her to Elio’s Osteria their lasagne had alot to live up to. It didn’t disappoint.

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Stop the Line

Stop the assembly line

In his recent post “Go Faster By Not Working” Adrian talks about how having the entire team stop when the build breaks can result in the entire project going faster.

Lean manufacturing, the precursor to the “Agile” methodologies, has the concept of “Stop the Line”. When a defect in the product is identified, the entire assembly line stops to locate and rectify the factors that caused the defect. 

The major difference in a software development “line” is that there is no physical assembly line, so it is easy to blur the distinction between what is and isn’t part of the product and hence the “line”.

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Hobie Steering Knob

On our maiden voyage one of the problems we encountered was in the strong winds I had to constantly work the rudder control to keep us on course. As the rudder control is quite low in profile, I couldn’t get a good grip on it and after a while my hand started to get sore.

Hobie has a solution to this, it’s called the Hobie Steering Knob. This is a small round knob you screw into the already included nut in the rudder control. This gives you something more substantial to grip when controlling the rudder, especially in strong seas.

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Grey is the real Crime

This gallery contains 5 photos.

I found this collection of graffiti just off Vulture Street in West End recently.

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