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Labels at Work

I saw this great tweet the other day and it got me thinking about how we label people within our work place.

"When you refer to your coworkers as "the business" you degrade the responsibility of those people to treat IT like human beings"

by Jason Montague

How many times have you heard the people in a development team referred to as “resources” but then heard the developers refer to management and sales teams as “the business”? It seems to me that we all suffer from a need to make people outside of our group “faceless”, but at what cost.

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Inserting content into TinyMCE

When developing a plugin for TinyMCE, you often need to insert content into the document. In most cases, this content is at the current cursor position, or selection. But what if you want to enter the content at the beginning or end of the document, irrelevant of the current cursor position?

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What’s in a Name

When we got the TI we started thinking about what we would name her and pretty soon the “Jinja Ninja” stuck. So of course, we had to make it official with a decal from

But why the Jinja Ninja?

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Sushi & Yum Cha. What a combination.

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Many, many years ago I was first introduced to Sushi. This didn't go as well as my friends had hoped, as while the sushi was probably very nice, being presented with rather large thick pieces of raw fish wasn't that easy to get my head around as a novice.

While in Victoria, I figured I should give it a second chance when we found a local sushi restaurant that had recently opened. Fujisan became a regular Friday evening meal option and to this day is the standard by which I measure all sushi.

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Maiden Voyage

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The Maiden Voyage of the "Jinja Ninja" occurred on the 18th of February with a launch from Manly into Moreton Bay.

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