Things that make you go Mmmmmm!

A Good Barista Makes All The Difference

The Coffee Roaster Sign

Brisbane has quite a few boutique coffee roasting companies and one of these, “The Coffee Roaster”, is next door to our office in West End.

When it first started to serve coffee last year I tried them. To be honest, it wasn’t great, and so I returned to my regular cafe for my daily caffeine hit. This year however I was enticed back when a couple of people from the office indicated that the coffee was vastly improved.

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Used Ferraris and Gold Bullion Accepted

Elio's Lasagne

We recently promised a friend of ours the best lasagne in the world. When we finally took her to Elio’s Osteria their lasagne had alot to live up to. It didn’t disappoint.

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Sushi & Yum Cha. What a combination.

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Many, many years ago I was first introduced to Sushi. This didn't go as well as my friends had hoped, as while the sushi was probably very nice, being presented with rather large thick pieces of raw fish wasn't that easy to get my head around as a novice.

While in Victoria, I figured I should give it a second chance when we found a local sushi restaurant that had recently opened. Fujisan became a regular Friday evening meal option and to this day is the standard by which I measure all sushi.

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Love your coffe? Reduce your environmental impact.

For many years I've been interested in environmental concerns and the impact our "throw away" culture has.

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