Love your coffe? Reduce your environmental impact.

For many years I've been interested in environmental concerns and the impact our "throw away" culture has.

I've previously talked about going out for coffee and so I felt it was high time I started bringing my own cup and hence reduce the amount of rubbish I was contributing with takeaway cups. I wanted to ensure whatever I bought would be accepted by my favourite barista so I raised it with Gemma at Stove. She immediately pointed me at Keep Cup.

The important thing about these cups is that they come in the standard coffee sizes that will fit under the group head of an expresso machine. This makes it so much easier for the barista and hence reduces the objection some may have to trying to make coffee into any old cup you bring in.

So, if like me, you buy a few coffees a week, consider getting something like the Keep Cup. Oh, and you can customise all the colours on it to make it your own.

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