Sushi & Yum Cha. What a combination.

Many, many years ago I was first introduced to Sushi. This didn't go as well as my friends had hoped, as while the sushi was probably very nice, being presented with rather large thick pieces of raw fish wasn't that easy to get my head around as a novice.

While in Victoria, I figured I should give it a second chance when we found a local sushi restaurant that had recently opened. Fujisan became a regular Friday evening meal option and to this day is the standard by which I measure all sushi.

When we returned to Brisbane, the hunt was on to locate a replacement. By now, the "train" style sushi restaurants were popular and while some were good, they were never brilliant.

The other Asian food experience I enjoy is Yum Cha. The disadvantage of this however is that you end up waiting for your favourite steamed dim-sims or pork buns to come past on a cart.

So, it was with delight that I walked out of my first experience at Ginga at The Emporium in the Valley. While it maintains the "sushi train" style of delivery for it's sushi, it also provides an à la carte menu for many of my favourite options at Yum Cha. Add to this that the sushi is extremely fresh and I believe they've created a great mix.

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