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Like most engineers I thought management was the "dark side" but was something that, as your career progressed, couldn't be avoided. After 13 years of development and technical consulting, I was offered the opportunity to see what it was like in management, while still requiring me to maintain my technical skills at an architectural level.

I've been the Engineering Manager at Ephox now for 2 and a half years and have found that I really enjoy what I do. I've learnt alot and grown my team both in numbers and professionally. Most importantly we produce some amazing code while having alot of fun.

Why am I blogging? Blogging for me serves a number of purposes.

  • At a corporate level, it provides me with a forum to show prospective engineers what it's like to work with us and have me as a manager.
  • At a professional level it gives me the opportunity to help other new managers and dispel the engineering myth of management being "the dark side" by providing an insight into what is involved in Engineering management.
  • At a personal level it's a place to keep notes and comments on things "management" and to grow the brand that is "Brett Henderson, Engineering Manager".

So welcome to my blog. If you're an engineer who like me thought management was an evil necessity, or are new to management come on a journey with me. If you're an experienced manager I'd welcome your comments and advice.

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