Interesting places and things I see walking around West End, Brisbane.

The Crow

Down the road from our office is a stage props company. Over the last year I've seen some interesting and creative pieces in the loading area but recently, some of it spilled into the street.

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Save West End

In my recent wanderings into the more residential parts of West End I came across a couple of houses with posters entitled "Save West End – West End, Many Stories, not 30 Storeys".

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Can Graffiti add character in a good way?

In a previous post I talked about the "art" of Graffiti so when I came across this piece in my recent wanderings, I had to share it.

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Flood Aftermath in West End

It's been 3 weeks since the flood that hit Brisbane shutdown the city and affected thousands of people in Australia's third largest city.

While our office in West End wasn't flooded, being on the fourth floor, the buildings underground carpark was. This resulted in our office being closed for a couple of weeks as everything from communications systems, to fire-control and the lift were affected.

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Bee Surprised

It pays to keep your eyes open when walking around as you just never know what you will see.

I noticed a number of small insects near an access plate on the footpath. Upon closer inspection it looks like a Native Bee hive has taken up residence right in the middle of the West End cafe precinct.