Things that make you go hmm!

Sushi & Yum Cha. What a combination.

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Many, many years ago I was first introduced to Sushi. This didn't go as well as my friends had hoped, as while the sushi was probably very nice, being presented with rather large thick pieces of raw fish wasn't that easy to get my head around as a novice.

While in Victoria, I figured I should give it a second chance when we found a local sushi restaurant that had recently opened. Fujisan became a regular Friday evening meal option and to this day is the standard by which I measure all sushi.

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A change of graffiti

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Last year I posted about how I felt that Graffiti can add character to a building and even become a way of recognising the business within even if it’s not directly related to it.

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The Crow

Down the road from our office is a stage props company. Over the last year I've seen some interesting and creative pieces in the loading area but recently, some of it spilled into the street.

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Save West End

In my recent wanderings into the more residential parts of West End I came across a couple of houses with posters entitled "Save West End – West End, Many Stories, not 30 Storeys".

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Can Graffiti add character in a good way?

In a previous post I talked about the "art" of Graffiti so when I came across this piece in my recent wanderings, I had to share it.

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