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Mental Health Break

Sometimes a holiday is more than just the opportunity to see something new, or achieve some project at home, sometimes it all about you.

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First Impressions

We recently had two new businesses move into the offices next door. Looking through the doors highlighted to me how important the first impression of an office is to the energy you bring when you walk in the door.

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Personal Connections

Ephox is 10 years old and to celebrate we flew everyone in from our US and UK offices to where it all began … Brisbane.

The celebrations kicked off with a party on Thursday followed by a weekend away at the Hyatt Coolum for employee’s and their partners.

While the weekend away did provide an opportunity to talk shop, it was the personal conversations that I feel pay the biggest dividend.

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Calling All Graduates

Despite the GFC (global financial crisis) Ephox is continuing to grow. We were recently honored with a FastPrivate 2009 award for increasing revenues by almost 230% in the last year.

This means the R&D team in Brisbane, Australia is expanding. We are currently looking for outstanding Java developers who are graduating soon to join the team.

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Headphones and the Open Plan office

Ever since I first started work as a developer in the early 90’s I’ve listened music when working. Over the years I’ve noticed that in most offices I’ve been in, the majority of developers have headphones on. Today, even in our “Agile” team, when people aren’t pairing they are sitting with headphone on and iPods plugged in.

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